NET Introduction

Hello! I'm Gina Pang and I am the Native-speaking English Teacher at Sham Tseng Catholic Primary School. Many of the students already  know me as Ms Gina as I was previously the ELTA.

I feel blessed that I have been given the opportunity to continue my role  as an educator in this school. Whilst being an educational establishment, it is also like a family where students, teachers and staff  coexist in a supportive environment to achieve the same goals.

My aim as the NET is to implement the PLP-R/W programme in a fun  and creative environment. I believe that a child’s ability to improve their  language skills will thrive with encouragement and assistance. Younger students may not yet have developed confidence in the usage of their   linguistic skills to enjoy an all English learning environment. Yet, with guidance and positive feedback, a solid foundation can be set to raise  their confidence which will enable them to lose their fear of using the  English language to communicate.

Together we can overcome any barriers that the students may face in the English Room. Let’s start this exciting language adventure together and explore the joys of learning English!

Ms Gina