1. Reading and English Day

2021-2022 The Power of Hope

     Students watched a Mr Men and Little Miss drama show ‘Mr Nobody becomes Somebody!’. The puppetry team also performed an amazing puppet show for the Primary 1-2 students! Students learnt about the power of hope through watching the shows. They made their leaves of hope and grew a tree of hope at school!


2022-2023 STCPS’ Got Talent


     Every student can shine! More than a hundred students joined the talent show! All of them are superstars!


2022-2023 Alice in Wonderland


     Students learnt the classic children literature ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and had a great adventure at the game booths and the bouncy maze with Alice! Knowing that Alice is a brave and adventurous character, students were taught to learn from her traits. They painted their roses with quotes of bravery and transcendence.


2. Other Activities

Happy Fri-yay


     English ambassadors made English games for their schoolmates and brought great fun to them!

English Passport


     Every student has an English passport. They can ‘travel abroad’ to English room and speak English with Miss Gina at recess time!


Shop and Cook


   Students learnt different vocabulary about shopping and cooking. Now, they brought it to practice. The pizza looks yummy!


A Taste of Poverty


English ambassadors visited a subdivided unit, collected cardboard and bought food with the little money earned. After the taste of poverty, they reflected on themselves and made videos about the poverty situation in Hong Kong.